Our purpose

Akron Pharma Inc. is a privately held pharmaceutical company, focused on developing and marketing generic products We are an own label Distributor that performs pharmaceutical research and development as well as marketing and distribution in the U.S. markets a broad range of generic prescription products in various dosage forms covering a broad range of therapeutic categories.

Our fully integrated manufacturing network capabilities from API to finished formulation, creates a value chain that drives profitability and extend affordability to the customer. The AKRON label is recognized by Retail Pharmacy Chains, Mail Order Pharmacies, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Managed Care Facilities, and Group Purchasing Organizations as well as Wholesalers and Distributors throughout the United States. 

AKRON believes lower-cost generic medication improves patient access and offsets overall health care costs. AKRON has helped to make a difference by developing, manufacturing and commercializing quality generic medications as cost effective solutions for patients, suppliers and stakeholders all across the healthcare continuum. AKRON products foster enhanced access, safety, quality, and transparency standards that continue to make a difference— MAKE IT AVAILABLE AND MAKE IT AFFORDABLE.